Making Art

Some days our rhythm of mother and son is on track. He is patient with me and my distractions and I with his. For us it has to do with finding activities that we are both engaged in. Endless hours of road building and puppet playing wears thins as the snow, now gray still fills the yard. But the sun was bright yesterday begging us to come out, but the wind and temperature didn’t make me want to walk around town, more specifically I didn’t feel like carrying Alder back up the hill at the end of the day.

I wanted to do something where we would be engaged for a long time without having to do major reconstructive surgery to the house. Alder’s vote was train riding, but I didn’t want to spend four hours drive just to ride the T around Boston, besides I had a knitting circle and a tea date later. We compromised with a drive past the farms to count cows and yellow houses on our way to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

I was a little nervous about taking Alder there because on the website there are a lot of reminders to tell your children that art is for looking at not touching. But when we got there everyone was very nice. The gallery section of the museum is only two rooms, one for Eric Carle the other for other illustrators. I liked the layout and it was small enough that I could look at most of the pictures as long as I wanted and engage Alder at the same time. After we looked through the galleries we headed to the art room where Alder spent an hour drawing and playing. Down the other end of the building was the library, I would love to spend an hour or two writing down titles. We spent another almost two hours reading books and playing with puppets in there.

Art making

Being the super cool, and hungry Mama that I am, we left happy knowing our next stop was at Bart’s for ice cream and soup. Alder and I are big fans of Linner, the meal that comes too late for lunch but too early for dinner. Sated with Chocolate Mousse Raspberry and Tortellini Tomato we head home. Or, according to Alder to Mama’s house, his home is the big home with all his aunts and cousins, he just has to live with me the rest of the time 😉

Going home can be tricky after really good days out, especially when there is only a two hours of time before Papa comes home and I take off. But we didn’t derail, instead we pulled out the colored pencils and our sketch books and both drew for a while. For Alder drawing is an everyday activity, there are stashes of pencils and crayons around the house. But for me drawing is one of those activities that has been put to the side ever since Alder was born. It used to be part of my every day, but now it feels awkward. But drawing with Alder is a lot of fun, each of us working at the same time sharing colors and laughs with NPR in the background.

When Kevin came home I said good bye and headed down the hill for a night of knitting and then tea with a friend. I fought with some green cotton, just to get it on the needles, but the company was good. Tea and cupcakes after was needed. My friend’s life and mine are at the same place right now, a lot of uncertainty, stress and joy. It feels simple to sit there with her and talk without have to explain the why’s of the situation. We talk parenting, past, art, place, food, family; all without transitions one leading into the next. When the tea was gone and the cupcakes eaten I headed home rejuvenated by my evening.