Letter Writitng

This past Saturday morning I started a new tradition I took an hour by myself with a cup of tea and wrote a few friends letters.

The year I graduated college and was still deciding what I was going to do with my life I spent a lot of time writing and receiving letters. Every day after work I would walk to the post office letters in hand to mail and always coming home with a few more written to me. In fact, it was in letters that my best friend and I decided to move to the mountains. I still have them all taped into a notebook I made. After moving to Colorado I drifted from most of my college and high school friends. By the time I resurfaced everyone was emailing, the few letters that I did write were responded to by either email or a phone call. I gave up on letter writing, but email and phone calls can not replace letters.

But I have always missed the act of letter writing.  I love what it looks like after I fill the pages with ink, knowing that someone would soon be opening them and seeing the words that I had written. I used to put hours into my letters, the envelops were works of art, collages and paintings. Who knew what I might get in response, flower petals, decorated baseball cards and diner menus. The whole process was one of waiting and that was what made it more wonderful. Somehow, the fast response of the email facebook age isn’t a thrilling.

I had been wanting to start this for a while but when I received my niece’s thank you letter for her holiday gift with a question I thought it would be nice to reply with a card. But why sit down and write just one card? So I decided to write a few more. Not knowing who to write to I simply chose a few of my friends whose names begin with A.

With a steaming cup of Earl Grey and a chocolate crossaint I fell into the rhythm of letter writing for a while. Of course on the way home I thought of all sorts of A’s that I didn’t write to, now I know who this week’s letters are heading to.