Well, the $100 dollar week is past and I have learned a lot. First off we didn’t make it, we went over by $30. By Friday we were out of veggies and breakfast food. But there was another problem with this challenge in our household. Not only were we eating at home but we were having to completely change our rhythm to do it. This wasn’t the goal, not really, we just wanted to eat at home more but I realized by Tuesday that if we were eating at home both Breakfast and Lunch then we couldn’t go out and do the sorts of things we like to do. There there was the fact that Friday Kevin and I both work until 6 which means dinner would have to be at eight, actually it was take out pizza.

I wouldn’t say we failed conceptually, we really did eat most of our meals at home but I am realizing that there are certain changes I am not willing to make yet, not during March when I’m stir crazy and need to be on the go. The next step in our food changes is to work on specific meals, this week it’s breakfast, actually it’s my breakfast that needs the help, Kevin and Alder are happy with oats or cereal. We are still trying to eat at home more of the time but I think if we can manage to only eat out three meals a week, none of them dinner then we’re doing okay. So for this week I’m going to be a biscut making, corn cereal cooking, bread baking fool. And then Alder and I will go out.

We found that lunch was the toughest meal to handle. It would be easy to go out and bring sandwiches with us but Alder isn’t a fan of them he likes real meals for lunch, I agree but sandwiches are fine sometimes. So I guess I’m going to join the Benton box craze and start putting some meals together for the little boy so we can wander and still have some good eating.

The other part of the limited budget that killed me was how it effected my time alone. As a mom my time alone is limited, I get out of the house a few hours here and there to write, but the library doesn’t open until ten and closes at five so coffee houses are where I do most of my writing.  You see my problem?

I promise to slow down on the food posts for a while, even I’m getting sick of looking at food pictures.