Alder and I went downtown for most of the day today. He spent most of his time charming people in the various stores we stopped in. We weren’t out shopping but each shop we went into had so much to do.

First we went to Knit or Dye to Knit for a while, well I knited and Alder drew on boxes and watch trains from the window.
Knit or Dye

In keeping with our $100 food week we ate a lunch of pizza and eggs at Amy’s Bakery Art’s Cafe with pocket change.

Then we went to Zephyr where we visited the fish and looked at colors.


Then it was off to visit a few other friends at their places of work here and here. There we books to read and horses to ride on. We finally ended with a quick stop at the Co-op for a lemon for making cheese and corn muffins. It was good to get out of the house and see the sunshine. I’m begining to wonder when this winter is going to end.