Alder has been speaking in sentences for a few months now but lately he’s been putting a lot of energy into making them. He’ll say something one way and then start again changing words, moving them around, adding others. He might do this two or three times until he’s happy with what he’s said.  It’s fun to watch him as he picks the words and mixes them together, you can tell that he has a specific idea that he wants to get across. The process reminds me of making a collage, how I move the pieces until they seem to come together in their places. As with everything that he takes on making these sentences take a huge amount of his time and effort, but unlike many of the other skills that he has stayed with until he perfected them this skill is one that will change as he gains new vocabulary and experiences. I remember during my teacher training we talked about spiral curriculums how each area of math including calculus could be started in kindergarten and added to each year as the students matured, Alder’s sentence building is like that, it is not an area that he will ever fully command, there is no one and only perfect sentence out there. I wonder what will move him onto the next new thing for him.