The brilliant light of a winter’s day reflected on an icy river reminds me that yes we are heading into the hardest part of the year. The light is returning every day it is lighter longer but it is no warmer. My nose hairs froze on the way to work this morning. This year rather than let myself get into the throes of the cold light I am going to embrace these icy days with warm cups of tea, fresh bread and a new knitting project.

I wake up each day and search my mind for a string to hold on to for the day, today it is the speech I am making in a few months at a wedding for a friend of 30 years. How do you summarize two lives so intertwinded in a few minutes. We were partners the first day of kindergarten, went to summer camp together for years then worked there together. After college we moved to Colorado together to learn how to ski, ten years later she is the godmother of my son. So much history and knowledge between us that I need four months to write this speech. This is the ball that I have been winding during my day.

I’m off for a few days of knitting by the fire and sledding.