…so I have the proclivity for melodrama, and bad poetry. 


Instead of dwelling too long on the eternal question of the unfair universe I set it upon myself to make at least 100 dollars extra over the next month from some source other than my job. That isn’t the only plan I have going but it is the one with the most room for creativity. I’m not sure how I am going to do this but it’s a start in challenging myself.

The other side to my helplessness of yesterday is that I haven’t been sleeping well, getting up in the middle of the night or not going to bed. Rather than do anything productive I have gotten addictive to this show. Not the worst one out there but still spending hours on Netflix watching 44 minute formulaic episodes does not make up for the missed sleep.

My cure for this today was simple, and hopefully effective. First this morning I didn’t turn on the computer, then after I dropped A off at Beyond I grabbed something to eat and read the latest issue of Gourmet and after that I headed to the bookstore and picked up a new book.  On face value both of these activities just sound like spending money. But really what I was doing was grounding myself for the next week. I now have lots of cooking inspiration and a good book to read. Both of these things will keep me away from Netflix and lead me back to a little more sleep and a little more focus on reality.

I can’t wait to start my book tonight.

[I love having this space to keep me in check]